Solvent Cleaning and Dryer Equipment

Ultronix is a world leading manufacturer specializing in:

  • New Equipment
  • Used Equipment
  • Custom Designs
  • Retrofitted Product Enhancements

Ultronix is dedicated to providing our customers with NESHAP compliant systems that provide the most solvent efficient process possible.

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    Ultronix's Products and Services

    Vapor Degreasers

    Ultronix offers many sizes and types of vapor degreasing equipment (both new and used). If we do not have a vapor degreaser in stock that will meet your cleaning needs, we can design a custom system based upon your specifications.

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    Water Chillers

    Ultronix has both NEW and USED Water Chillers available for sale. These water chillers can be sold separately or as part of a complete system including a Vapor Degreaser, Water Chiller, and/or Solvent Recovery Still.

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    Solvent Recovery Stills

    Ultronix manufactures new Solvent Recovery Stills we also carry Used Stills. These Stills can be purchased separately or as part of a complete system including a Vapor Degreaser, Solvent Recovery Still, and/or a Water Chiller.

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    Service and Maintenance

    Ultronix is comitted to outstanding customer support. In addition to servicing Ultronix Inc equipment, our service engineers also service other manufacturers equipment.

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    The Ultronix Advantage

    If your freeboard chiller is not a Zer-O-Coil you’re losing 50% more solvent than necessary!

    FIRST & foremost. The Ultronix Zer-O-Coil (continuous freeboard chiller) operates at -10o F to -30o F without a defrost cycle. Therefore, the Zer-O-Coil maintains a constant air blanket above the vapor zone making it substantially more solvent-efficient than competitive freeboard chillers. The Zer-O-Coil is designed to strip solvent from the air above the primary condenser. Some customers request an additional hoist stop in this zone to “strip” (recover) trapped solvent vapor from the workload.

    The Zer-O-Coil will meet the 30% Blanket required by NESHAP Regulations as well as SCAQMD, Rule 1122 for Southern California.

    SECOND , the internal hoist assembly processes workloads through the cleaning cycle under a closed lid. The hoist system is simple and efficient. The addition of spray cycles, additional dwell stops, etc. are easy to incorporate into the process for a tailor-made application.

    THIRD, an air-powered sliding lid assembly will eliminate a “forgotten” (manual) system. The Ultronix Inc. lid closes every time you walk away from the degreaser.

    FOURTH, an oversized water separator for drier solvent. In addition, a separate collection trough under the low temperature coils processes reclaimed solvent/water through a small water separator before entering the main separator.

    FIFTH, Ultronix vapor degreasers have 12 gauge stainless steel tank(s), foam insulation & stainless steel sheathe.

    Do You Need Spare Parts?

    Ultronix maintains a large stock of spare parts for vapor degreasing equipment.

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    Important Safety Control Information

    Make sure your vapor, liquid, and water levels are under control

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    Zer-O-Coil Technology

    We can save up to 50% more solvent than standard freeboard chillers

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