Vapor Degreasers

Custom Degreasers

Ultronix can build a custom-designed vapor degreasing system specifically designed for your cleaning application.

Retrofitting Degreasers

Retrofitting involves modifying your vapor degreasing equipment (or one of our used degreasers)to meet the latest NESHAP regulations and/or SCAQMD, Rule 1122, as well as to drastically reduce your solvent loss with the Ultronix Zer-O-Coil continuous freeboard chiller. We can retrofit all types of vapor degreasers.

In-Line Strip Vapor Degreaser

Ultronix can build you a vapor degreaser system that will provide you with clean, dry parts for your Punch Pressed Parts, Coils of Connectors, and Foil Ribbon.

Large Batch Degreasers

Ultronix can build/design custom large batch vapor degreasers.

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